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Pro Computers has a range of communication options to suit businesses of all sizes. Landlines are outdated and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), allowing voice communication to be transmitted over the internet, is the smarter way to make calls within Australia and around the world, allowing substantial savings.


VoIP Phone Systems

Don’t be fooled into paying tens of thousands of dollars for a total system overhaul. Save money and create efficiency in your business with Pro Computers communications systems. Making phone calls via your internet connection can be an enormous cost-saver each month. Faster internet speeds have made VoIP the most logical, cost-effective phone solution for businesses of all sizes.


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Business Phone Prices

Our cost effective phone setups will suit a variety of businesses, big or small. Pick the plan below that best suits your requirements. We offer three very competitive plans in partnership with Skynet Broadband, on a 24-month contract.



Includes all Local & National Calls
Includes all calls to mobiles within Australia
Free failover-to-mobile

Benefit from cheaper call rates for 1300/13 numbers (30 cents). Connections require fast internet with a static IP (standard on all Pro Computers Fast internet plans)

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