Sunshine Coast NBN made easy

The future is here and it’s incredibly fast

When it comes to getting the National Broadband Network (NBN) in your Sunshine Coast home, Pro Computers connects you quicker!

Why have a phone company handle your residential NBN connection when you can have your local tech experts do the job faster, hassle-free and with no run-around?

The NBN rollout is effectively replacing outdated telecommunication infrastructure with new, modern technology, so there’s no need to connect with a telco. If you’ve heard NBN connection horror stories or friends venting frustration about the process being far more complicated than it ought to be, rest assured there is a better alternative to phone companies.

Avoid the prospect of lengthy waits on hold in customer service queues only to end up speaking to someone in an overseas call centre or having to talk to 15 different people to organise the install and then having your connection left in the hands of a careless contractor. With Pro Computers, we’re easy to contact and we get the job done quickly and without causing you unnecessary stress – with timeframes that typically exceed expectations.

Our NBN setup is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Simply choose your NBN package.
  2. Pay your one-off $99 installation fee.
  3. Sit back and relax! We do it all for you.

We offer three very competitive NBN packages in partnership with Skynet Broadband, up to 100Mbps/40Mbps for those who have a need for speed and all on a 24-month contract:

$79 per month

NBN up to 25Mbps download speed
5Mbps upload speed
500GB data
(Add VoIP for an extra $10 per month)

$99 per month

NBN up to 50Mbps download speed
20Mbps upload speed
1000GB data
(VoIP included)

$109 per month

NBN up to 100Mbps download speed
40Mbps upload speed
2000GB data
(VoIP included)

To discuss residential NBN packages or to arrange a Sunshine Coast NBN home connection, contact us on 1300 476 670.