BYOD for Students

The BYOD Nightmare

How to pick the right device for your child

When entering computers shops, Sunshine Coast parents are often perplexed about what device will be best for their child and their study needs, especially when it comes to Bring Your Own Device (BOYD) programs at schools.

If you’re shopping for your child, or at least looking to purchase in the not-too-distant future, when it comes to computers on the Sunshine Coast local experts Pro Computers have you covered.

There are so many options to choose from when you're looking at purchasing a device: touch screen, SSD, dedicated graphic, 5ghz or 2.4ghz, Microsoft Office Student or Microsoft Office 365. Essentially everything can, and should be, tailored to suit the student in your home.

So how do you work it all out? Which device should you get? Well, here are some simple rules.

1. Get information from the school  

We have worked with more than five private schools, most of whom have implemented their own BYOD program - particularly in the senior years of high school. Each school is different, and each school will want various levels of control over the devices. So it's important you get the right device. The school should issue with a minimum spec for BYOD devices and should include information on the Windows version required, as well as any other applications that you need to source.

2. Look at your child’s subjects

Subjects like Design and Technology, Software Development, Photography and Arts are going to require a higher spec computer. They will need more RAM, and consideration needs to be given as to where projects are going to be stored. You may want to consider an external HDD for them if they are going to need a large amount of storage.

3. Speaking of storage!

Most schools are not going to have the capacity to manage backups on student devices. SO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP STRATEGY IMPLEMENTED AT HOME. Time and time again, students lose work the day before a major assignment is due. As much as it would be convenient for the schools to backup your child’s device, the reality is that to backup 100’s of laptops on the network at school is going to cost the school too much time and money.

4. Warranty

Try to get a computer that has a decent warranty period. Cheap computers can be attractive from a budgeting point of view, but if you end up having to replace the computer in 12 months, you may have been better off getting a more expensive device initially - with a longer warranty period.

5. Check with the school on the basics.

Two things pretty much every student will need are Microsoft Office and Antivirus. Most schools will have signed up to the Office 365 program for schools, and your student will then be able to install Microsoft office on their computer as part of their enrolment at the school. But if not, then you should look at your own Office 365 subscription. Finally make sure you have a good antivirus application loaded. Pro Computers recommends Trend Micro Internet Security.

If you follow these few simple steps, then you will find BYOD to be an easy box to tick.

Of course if need help, or are looking for a device for your student, drop into one our Sunshine Coast computer stores at Maroochydore or Nambour.

BYOD - pick the right device for your child

Get information from the school

Check the basics with the school

Making BYOD easy

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