Server Upgrades for the Growing Business

Improving server performance and reliablility

Is your business growing? Have moved on from having one computer for small business in your start-up phase to several business computers now that you have a team working with you? Or is your business at the next growth stage, with your IT needs expanding further?

As businesses grow, it isn’t long before they find they need to upgrade their IT systems. Commonly this may involve:

  • a better, more reliable server
  • business backup solutions
  • improved security
  • shared calendars
  • email service

Pro Computers can cover your computer and IT needs with better-performing servers and ideal backup solutions for business, incorporating features such as data protection by using integrated raid systems. This ensures that if you did have a hardware problem no data will be lost.

We also provide the ultimate in UPS (battery backup) and surge/power filtration.

Improving server performance for business

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